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Youth Pastor – Full Time (Co-vocational Applicants also acceptable)
Experience working with Youth and Children preferred but not required
Bachelor’s Degree preferred

Job Description is as follows:
Principle Function: To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ by developing, implementing and promoting a comprehensive, God-honoring ministry to youth/students 6th-12th grades and College and Career members for Selma Baptist Church in order to assist parents in the training and nurturing of their children according to Biblical principles.

Responsible to: The Pastor

1. Study the Word and be faithful in prayer.
2. Preach/teach the Word and be active in evangelism.
3. Be a Christian witness/example in word and deed at all times, which includes but is not limited to: (refer to 1 Timothy 3)
a. Biblical stewardship/tithing
b. Biblical management of household
c. Just and holy behavior
d. Given to hospitality
4. Establish and maintain a Youth/Student Ministry Committee.
5. Develop and administer an overall youth/student/College and Career discipleship process that is consistent with the Scriptures to provide a balanced, comprehensive Christian education to youth/students. This discipleship process should:
a. reflect a clear vision for the overall Youth/Student Ministry;
b. be a progressive process that incudes youth/students 6th – 12th grades and College and Career memjbers;
c. be well prepared and organized;
d. be easily articulated by the Youth Minister to volunteer leaders in the Youth/Student/College and Career program.

6. Preach and teach the Word to youth/students/College and Careers in such a way that is:
a. first and foremost consistent with the Scriptures;
b. fun, exciting, challenging, motivating and uplifting.

7. Coordinate and oversee weekly youth/student/College and Career education programs to ensure personal worship and praise through preaching, teaching and musical activities and events.

8. Work with the pastor and any applicable committee(s) to:
a. provide oversight and direction for youth/students/College and Career Sunday
School curriculum, leaders and weekly sessions.
b. develop and implement an overall youth/student/College and Career evangelism strategy;
c. create opportunities for youth/students/College and Careers to be directly involved in missions, both local and foreign;
d. determine and administer an annual youth/student/College and Career ministry budget as approved by the Budget/Finance
e. identify/establish youth/student/College and Career ministry goals, organization, leadership, facilities, finances and administration
process for the ministries; and
f. motivate/engage adults to serve in youth/student/College and Career ministry.

9. Manage and maintain a neat and organized youth/student center; involve youth/students in taking care of the facilities.

10. Provide pastoral ministry to youth/students/College and Careers and their family members; coordinate and provide training to
others (i.e., youth leaders and youth ministry volunteers) to do likewise.

11. Identify/provide events, programs and activities for parents of youth/students that directly relate to their Biblically-mandated role as

12. In cooperation with appropriate church staff and/or committees, seek out opportunities for youth/students/College and Careers to
become involved in the overall ministry of the Church such as, but not limited to:
a. Youth/College and Career-focused worship services
b. Youth/student choir and/or Praise Band
c. Vocal/instrumental ensembles
d. Drama Team
f. Special focused mission events (Lottie Moon, Annie Armstrong)
g. Fund-raising events

13. Network with other evangelical youth ministers/leaders in the community to support youth/students in starting and strengthening school campus ministries.

14. Maintain a consistent program of self-improvement and keep abreast of current youth-related teaching methods, materials, promotion and administration.

15. Support other members of the Church staff in order to promote a unified and strong leadership for the members of Selma Baptist Church.

16. Attend regular weekly staff meetings.

17. Abide by established guidelines of office hours/time/attendance/vacation/sick time/holidays/financial accountability, etc. as outlined by the pastor and appropriate committees.

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