Bible Studies for Life Sunday School Lesson for August 27

Bible Studies for Life Sunday School Lesson for August 27 from 1 Samuel 25:14–17, 23–28, 32–35.

Bible Studies for Life Sunday School Lesson for August 27

Abigail: A Woman of Wisdom

1 Samuel 25:14–17, 23–28, 32–35

Usually when one refers to a “middleman,” it is with a tinge of frustration.

Health insurance companies, contractors and even car salesmen can have us go through extra steps to complete the needed process. We each can relate to making a phone call and being placed on hold for an extended period just to have to talk to someone other than your desired contact. Other times, someone serving as a mediator or intermediary can be a blessing.

When communication has become muddled, a middleman can help navigate the conversation between two people and bring about a peaceful conclusion.

Abigail was one such person. She is one of the forgotten figures in Scripture who can serve as a reminder to all of us of the importance of seeking peace and the betterment of everyone.

Be the kind of person others trust to do what is right. (14–17)

To receive a full understanding of what is happening in this story, it is essential you read Chapter 25 in its entirety. David was seeking assistance for his men by means of food and drink from Nabal, Abigail’s husband. Nabal was a cruel and selfish man who declined to help.

When David received word of Nabal’s refusal to extend hospitality, he became enraged and instructed his men to grab their swords and prepare to wipe out Nabal and his men. A battle with significant bloodshed seemed to be imminent.

When Abigail heard what had transpired, she was determined to make things right. Abigail did not have to concern herself with this situation. She did not have to care, but the burden of doing the right thing did not allow her to be passive.

Take the initiative to exercise and share godly wisdom. (23–28)

God used Abigail’s character and integrity to help David see the bigger picture of his life. Scripture reveals that Abigail was intelligent, humble, eloquent, generous, conciliatory, pious and decisive. These are characteristics we should all strive for as believers.

It is more important that she not only possessed these traits, but she was also willing to expend them along with her time and resources to benefit others. What good are our blessings unless we share them?

Praise God when others follow godly wisdom. (32–35)

David acknowledged how special Abigail was, her kindness and most importantly, how the Lord sent her to prevent the shedding of blood. Because she chose to be a middleman, God’s blessings flowed. A crisis had been averted because Abigail stood between two strong-headed men and God and cared enough to seek peace.

With so many in our churches today seeking influence, it is refreshing to be reminded of how powerful peace can be.

It is a terrible and ungodly situation when members of the same church begin to talk about taking sides with a certain group or another. Factions can be born from hate and the gospel witness of the church in its community suffers.

If you want to be used by God in your church, seek to be an Abigail. Step up and be the middleman (or woman) who God will bless. In a world filled with hurt and strife, commit to wage peace.

By Bobby McKay
Pastor of New Liberty Baptist Church in Morton, Mississippi

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