Who can receive The Baptist Paper?


Do I have to be Baptist to receive The Baptist Paper?

Not at all. All readers are welcomed.

What formats are available for reading The Baptist Paper?

  1. Print and digital editions of the every other week newspaper
  2. Daily newsfeed and website of archived articles
  3. Social media

How do I subscribe to The Baptist Paper?

Individually or through your church — click here for more information on subscribing or ask your church office about being included in your church’s group plan.

How do I renew my subscription?

Click here or call us at 800-803-5201 or email info@thebaptistpaper.org.

Explain how classified advertising works in The Baptist Paper.

  1. Classified ads are available on the website for $9.99 per month and may be set up and purchased online by clicking here. The processing module requires payment first and then moves to the section where you add the information and any photos you might like to include. Once the payment has processed you will be able to submit your ad.
  2. To run a classified ad in the print edition of the paper, email the content of your ad to ads@thebaptistpaper.org. You may pay with a credit card and that can be taken over the phone or you may mail in a check. Classified ads are $1 per word.
  3. If you have any questions regarding classified ads, email ads@thebaptistpaper.org or call 800-803-5201.