Bible Studies for Life Sunday School Lesson for November 5

Here’s the Bible Studies for Life Sunday School lesson commentary for Nov. 5, written by Bobby McKay, pastor of New Liberty Baptist Church in Morton, Mississippi.

Bible Studies for Life Sunday School Lesson for November 5


1 John 5:1–13

One of the more challenging aspects of visiting an area or city you have never been to is navigating unfamiliar streets or traffic.

With the innovation of smartphones and GPS systems in our vehicles, directions to our desired destinations have become more readily available. However, even with the advantages of technology, GPS can sometimes be mistaken and fail to take into consideration existing road construction or other challenges.

One feature of most navigation systems is the option to choose how you approach your targeted ending spot. One option is to take the shortest route; another option is to choose the quickest.

Bear in mind that both options will lead to the same result, so there is little reason to worry about the choice made.

It seems that most in our world today are content to believe that there are many avenues to God and if you disagree, you are labeled as narrow-minded and intolerant toward others. The lost world argues against absolute truth and is content to believe a lie rather than submit to the loving truths of Jesus.

The Church is not immune to this problem. Lifeway Research reported a few years ago that nearly 20% of churchgoers believe there are alternate ways to God other than Jesus alone. Scripture is clear when it comes to the road to salvation.

We become God’s children when we believe in Jesus. (1–5)

When studying the Bible, it is helpful to look for repeated words or themes in a passage. One of the repeated words in this section is “love.” If you take another glance, the word “commandments” is also a priority.

If we love God, we will obey Him. Our greatest act of belief is trusting in Christ alone for salvation. His grace intersects with our faith, resulting in forgiveness of our sins and eternal life.

Without trusting in Christ, salvation is impossible.

God gives testimony that Jesus is the Son of God. (6–10)

A scholar once said, “The pursuit of all spiritual truth will ultimately lead to Jesus.” The baptism of Christ revealed to the physical world the beginning of His earthly ministry, and the blood-soaked cross of redemption was the great exclamation mark on the substitutionary atonement and definitive moment in world history.

The sole fact that Jesus existed historically is not the anchor of our salvation; His victory over death is the assurance we need.

We have eternal life only through Jesus. (11–13)

There is a town not too far from where I live that is filled with one-way streets. These routes can be frustrating, time-consuming and inconvenient, but they are also something else: safer.

Every broad and inclusive attempt the world offers as an alternative to Jesus is the wrong way. Our only hope is the One-Way Jesus. He makes it plain because He loves us and does not desire for us to become disheartened or fall into the hands of the enemy.

With Jesus, His extended grace is made available to all who seek Him. There is no one who has loved us and demonstrated that love to us more than Jesus. He’s more reliable than any GPS and will never leave you lost.

By Bobby McKay
Pastor of New Liberty Baptist Church in Morton, Mississippi

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