Explore the Bible Sunday School Lesson for February 19

Explore the Bible Sunday School Lesson for February 19


John 10:7–14, 25–30

Virgil, a hearty South Dakotan, raised sheep. When he stepped outside his house, the sheep crowded around. When asked why the sheep surrounded him, he said, “Because they know who feeds them.”

Jesus’ sheep, His committed followers, receive His loving care, compassionate leadership and security.

The Gate (7–10)

In Jesus’ day, shepherds often combined their flocks at night, and one shepherd guarded the sheepfold. The sheepfold often had an open access point. A shepherd might sleep across the opening to shield his flock against threats. Security mattered.

As the Gate, Jesus protects His flock from spiritual harm intended by false shepherds, and He gives people free access to trust Him. The Jewish religious leaders’ selfishness made them thieves and robbers.

As a shepherd provides for the flock’s physical needs, Jesus nourishes and protects believers from enemies of the Kingdom. He gives us an abundant overflow of spiritual meaning, security, freedom, love and fellowship with God.

The True Shepherd (11–14)

A shepherd separated his flock from others by calling them. True followers of Christ answer His call and reject all others. Jesus contrasted His role as the Good Shepherd with the religious leaders. He modeled the shepherd who sacrificed all to protect his sheep. His loving provision of abundant life cost Him His own life.

Jesus compared the Jewish leaders with a hired hand who had no investment in the flock and deserted them when danger arose. Good shepherds were invested personally and fought the threat. The religious elite lived for themselves and abandoned their responsibility when it was costly. The Lord is the Good Shepherd. He knows His followers’ needs. Your relationship with Jesus allows you to trust Him and experience His love. He sacrificed His life for you.

The Securing Shepherd (25–30)

The religious leaders pressed Jesus at the feast of dedication. Was He Messiah? His works supplied the answer — His love originated from God. Unwillingness to believe Him blinded them to the truth. The religious leaders’ lack of comprehension left them outside Jesus’ sheepfold. Reliance on a failed system closed their spiritual ears and hindered their belief in Jesus. Genuine followers respond when they hear His call to faith. He gladly establishes a relationship with those who aspire to be His obedient sheep. Believers understand Him through relationship, not knowledge.

Jesus affirmed His ability to secure His sheep permanently. You retain eternal life because of His ability, not by your strength. The Father’s power to hold you exceeds any attempt to separate you from Him.

Jesus announced His unity with the Father. The religious leaders considered that blasphemy. He and the Father shared the same purpose — to rescue people from sin. Oneness with the Father demonstrated Jesus’ commitment to follow God’s will. What kind of shepherd do you choose? Enjoy the security and protection that a personal connection with Jesus gives His spiritual sheep.

By Darryl Wood
Retired pastor, current hospice chaplain and interim pastor

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