GuideStone trustees hear updates on insurance, investments, retirement

GuideStone trustees hear updates on insurance, investments, retirement

During the GuideStone Financial Resources board of trustees meeting in Nashville in July, Chief Operating Officer John R. Jones shared how the vision that GuideStone exists to honor the Lord by being lifelong partners with participants in enhancing their financial security is being carried out.

Across all the ministry areas — insurance, investments, retirement and Mission:Dignity — staff are working diligently to ensure the vision is protected, he said.

“I can tell you that (Chief Insurance Officer) Chu Soh and his entire insurance team have brought an incredible focus to how we can build the base in our health care plans,” Jones said. “It’s not just our group plans, but also inclusive of our personal security plan. He’s putting together more specific metrics to accelerate this number of participants in the health care area.”

Soh and the insurance team are also reviewing new opportunities and initiatives that will address the affordability challenges affecting the entire health care industry nationwide, Jones said.

Additionally, the property and casualty area has continued to exceed expectations, Jones said. While turnover in property and casualty is a common theme in the industry as a whole, as clients look for lower rates, GuideStone, through its alliance with Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company, has attained a 97% retention rate.

In the investments division, Jones noted that August marks the 20th anniversary of GuideStone Funds, the registered mutual fund family that provides the investment options in GuideStone’s retirement plans.

GuideStone offers retirement guidance and information through its website: (Roy Hayhurst/GuideStone)

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