Midwestern Seminary offers online help for those CALLED to ministry

Midwestern Seminary offers online help for those CALLED to ministry

After months of planning, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri, recently announced the launch of CALLED — a website offering resources to aid and equip individuals who sense a call to vocational ministry.

“In our day, formal calls to ministry can seem ambiguous or even nonexistent,” said Midwestern Seminary President Jason Allen. “In light of this, we are delighted for the opportunity to resource men and women seeking to take their next steps toward vocational gospel ministry through CALLED, a new online home for resources specifically curated to help clarify one’s calling and strengthen his or her commitment to ministry service.”

The CALLED website features a library of video and blog post resources contributed by a variety of prominent evangelical leaders aimed at helping individuals process their own calls to ministry. The site’s primary feature is a collection of stories, featuring leaders within and outside the Southern Baptist Convention sharing their own stories of being called to Christian ministry.

The videos currently available to view on the site include stories from Matt Chandler, H.B. Charles Jr., Jared Wilson, Mark Dever, Trevin Wax, Malcolm Yarnell, Afshin Ziafat, Danny Akin, Matt Smethurst, Angela Swain, Jamie Dew, Dean Inserra, Noe Garcia, Ben Mandrell and Jason Duesing.

To access the CALLED video and blog post resources, visit FTC.co/called. (MWBTS)

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