Supporting missions through WMU Vision Fund

Supporting missions through WMU Vision Fund

By Sandy Wisdom-Martin
Executive director-treasurer, National WMU

I am sometimes asked, “What do you envision for the future of WMU?” The landscape transitions moment by moment. I often feel unsettled by the terrain that shifts constantly beneath our feet.

In spite of the changes swirling around us at a dizzying pace, we can be confident about the future God has for us. How? By understanding our mission matters most.

Our unwavering focus is to make disciples of Jesus who live on mission. When we live with this singular conviction, clarity emerges even in the midst of chaos.

We have a long heritage of faithful Christ followers committed to the mission:

  • Through a missions discipleship group, 6-year-old Alice learned about a boy in Nigeria who had never heard about God’s love. The story changed the trajectory of her life.
  • Cindy’s life was turned from despair to hope when her Christian Women’s Job Corps mentor helped her see her worth in God’s eyes.
  • Bobby found God’s purpose for his life through a ministry helping a recovering alcoholic and estranged father learn to love his children.
  • Pigtailed Judy sat on the missions leader’s floor. After the missionary from China spoke, she went home to tell her mother, “God wants me to be a missionary.”

The WMU Vision Fund ( enables us to proclaim into the future, the mission matters most. We will continue to make disciples of Jesus who live on mission.

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