Bible Studies for Life Sunday School Lesson for March 12

Bible Studies for Life Sunday School Lesson for March 12

Jesus Restored My Life

John 5:2–11, 19–21

This past fall I had my first experience with kidney stones. I have always heard stories about how painful they are, and the exhausting measure of patience one must have to pass the stone. My encounter with this nuisance began at 3:30 in the morning. After failed attempts to self-diagnose and medicate, I made a trip to the emergency room an hour later. Within 30 minutes of walking in, intravenous medications were administered, and my pain subsided.

I have taken two things with me from this experience. One, before having a kidney stone I could only sympathize with others who have had them, but now I can empathize. Second, it is amazing how something so small can cause the strongest or weakest people to be at the mercy of help from others.

We read this week of a man who was in desperate need of help. The challenge was not only in his condition, but also in his inability to help himself. If each of us were to stop and think of the many in our life that have helped us, we would be moved to gratitude and humility. There are no self-made people. Only with the help of others and the grace of God are we able to continue in our journey.

I was desperate for the help that no one could provide. (2–7)

This section affords us a glimpse into the world around us still today. The sick, hurting, lonely and desperate are all around us. The man in this account had spent nearly 40 years waiting for the day when it would be possible to receive the healing he so desperately needed.

Critics today may complain of a lack of genuine spirituality in our culture. The greater problem is a lack of Christlikeness in our churches! We lack a movement of God in our churches today because we are not desperate to see it take place. If we continue to attempt to fill the void in our life with anything but Christ, we will never know of the desperation needed to see a miraculous move of God.

Jesus met my need in a far greater way than I ever expected. (8–11)

I am hard pressed to recall a time when God met a need in the exact way I thought was best. He has an incredible history of answering prayers and needs through responses and ways better than mine, and He always answers in perfect time. When Jesus tells the man to, “Get up, pick up your pallet, and walk,” He provided this man with a tangible testimony for others to see.

Jesus was pleased to give me life. (19–21)

Do you realize when God does something supernatural in your life, it is for a twofold reason? One, you receive the blessing, but second, God gets the glory. God takes great pleasure in blessing His children. Do we take pleasure in His goodness as we should?

At the beginning of this story, we see many people in need of help. You and I are in that crowd! We cannot make it one moment of one day without the love and compassion of Christ. Christians, it is also our great joy to serve others who need to get to Jesus. Look in your community and get busy!

By Bobby McKay
Pastor of New Liberty Baptist Church in Morton, Mississippi

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