California youth chips away at church’s Lottie Moon goal

California youth chips away at church’s Lottie Moon goal

Brody Brewer wanted to give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering in 2020, but he wasn’t sure how. As a 12-year-old boy, he had no source of steady income or a means to make money. After a family camping trip, Brody was inspired to learn how to restore an old ax head. Thanks to tutorials on the internet, Brody mastered the six-to-eight-hour process of restoring ax heads and custom-making new, wooden handles.

When Brody discussed with his family his desires to give to the Lottie Moon offering, his parents suggested he sell his restored axes and donate a portion of the profits. Brody didn’t hesitate to give of his time and money.

From a young age, Brody has seen the significance of missions and supporting missionaries. His dad Eric has been on several mission trips, and the family’s church, Pathway Church in Redlands, Calif., supports International Mission Board (IMB) missionary families. Brody has been on a mission trip, too. This background led to his desire to get involved.

“I want to give back to God and support missionaries like my parents and church do,” Brody said. His parents are thrilled about the idea.

“It’s a proud moment for us as parents,” Eric said. “You can guide and direct your children in the Lord as much as you are able, but to see our 12-year-old step out and do this on his own is a special moment for us.”

Brody puts a small, leather tag on the handle of each ax he sells, describing why he makes the axes and how he gives a portion of the proceeds to the missions offering. Brody’s ax sales grossed several hundred dollars in 2020, and he gave of what he earned.

“I’m just happy to give what I can to support missionaries,” Brody said.

Thanks to a portion of his sales along with the generous giving of church members, Pathway Church was able to give $21,500 to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, beating its goal of $15,000.

When Pathway Pastor Rob Futral told Brody that IMB President Paul Chitwood collects axes, Brody decided to make one for Chitwood and send it in the mail. He burned Chitwood’s initials and “IMB” into the wooden handle.

Chitwood tweeted a video of himself opening the gift Feb. 23.

“Oh yeah, that is great,” Chitwood said as he pulled the ax from the box. “I love axes, and I’m going to add this to my collection. I appreciate so much your heart for the nations as well as your generosity and the commitment of Pathway Church and you, Pastor Rob, in ensuring that all the world gets to hear the Gospel.”

Anyone can give to help reach the nations with the Gospel at

By Catherine Finch

EDITOR’S NOTE — This article was originally published by the International Mission Board. 

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