‘Ceiling shook with approval’: Mississippi church makes sacrificial gift to relief effort

(Facebook photo from Yahweh Baptist Church, Mayfield, Kentucky)

‘Ceiling shook with approval’: Mississippi church makes sacrificial gift to relief effort

Southern Baptists continue to respond to the tornado devastation from storms hitting five states on Dec. 10-11, causing at least 75 fatalities. In addition to ongoing disaster relief efforts, North Greenwood Church in Mississippi responded by sending $50,000 to the disaster relief effort underway.

Senior pastor Jim Philips shared with The Baptist Record  that “even during this pandemic, our church family has continued to be overly faithful in their giving.”

“We look to finish the year above expected receipts for 2021,” he said. “I suggested … at our final business meeting of the year, that we ought to earmark a portion of that for Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief. I made mention that I had made a donation online myself and had linked it on my Facebook page.

He noted, “I challenged others to do the same. One of our deacons promptly declared, ‘I move we send $50,000.’ Before anything else was said, there was a second. I called for the ‘AMEN OF CONFIRMATION’ and the ceiling shook with approval.”

Ongoing response

Meanwhile, Southern Baptist leaders toured the devastation Dec. 16 and prayed with pastors and residents, Baptist Press reported. “This is our life together as Southern Baptists at its best. Out here, everyone knows we need each other from the associational, state  levels to the national level,” said Ed Litton, Southern Baptist Convention president and pastor of Redemption Church, Saraland, Ala.

To contribute electronically to Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief, click here. For more information on Mississippi Disaster Relief, click here.

EDITOR’S NOTE — This story was originally written and published by The Baptist Record, news service of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board.  

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