Second in a series: Talking Christian service and all that it entails

This is the second in a series on service. There’s a lot to serving our Lord and those around us, and I think there’s also a lot of misconceptions surrounding it. And because it’s such a big part of our Christian walk, I wanted to dig into it a little more.

Today I’ve got Kelly Redding with me. Kelly is someone who loves to dig into theological texts, which is so interesting to me because that is for sure not my natural leaning. And because of her passion for the Word, I wanted to bring her on today to talk through the theology of service and help us see where we might have fundamental misunderstandings about it. Let’s dive in.

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Disclaimer: This podcast is intended to be a discussion about individual experiences and how they have grown or struggled in their faith because of those experiences. It is not intended to be an instruction on how anyone should interpret the Bible.

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