Third in a series: Talking ministry and motherhood with pastors wives

This is the third in a series on the experiences of pastors’ wives. We all have a pastor or two in our church, and we tend to have very clear job descriptions and understandings of what a pastor’s role should be or should look like. But oftentimes, we don’t have that same clarity for the wife of our pastors. And while it varies from church to church, I was curious about the experiences and perspectives of pastors wives on the whole. This week we hear from Taylor Lee Ledbetter, who became a mom and pastor’s wife all at once. 

Taylor Lee and her husband, Neal, are members of Mars Hill Church in Fairhope, where he serves as campus pastor. 

Amplify is a product of TAB Media, hosted by Maggie Evans and produced by Hannah Muñoz. 

Disclaimer: This podcast is intended to be a discussion about individual experiences and how they have grown or struggled in their faith because of those experiences. It is not intended to be an instruction on how anyone should interpret the Bible. 

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