SBC 2021: Monday recap (June 14)

Southern Baptist Convention 2021 Highlights for Monday, June 14

*Two Southern Baptist chaplains from Alabama, both graduates of the University of Mobile and Southwestern Seminary, both Navy veterans, and best friends to boot. were among the SBC chaplains recognized at a breakfast hosted by NAMB.

*The SBC Executive Committee chose not to act on a motion to discuss the investigation set in motion last week by SBC EC president and CEO Ronnie Floyd. Members also powered through a couple of contested officer elections and heard pleas from leaders to debate in a more grace-filled and loving spirit.

*The new officers of the SBC Pastors Conference were announced. Serving as President for the 2022 Pastors Conference will be New Mexico pastor Matt Henslee. Florida pastor Cam Triggs will serve as vice president, and Tennessee pastor Sam Greer will serve as treasurer. (Pictured in the video are Josh Reavis, who nominated Henslee; Fred “Chip” Luter III, who nominated Triggs; and Chuck Herring, who nominated Greer.)

*In an afternoon Sending Celebration, 64 new missionaries were sent out by the International Mission Board.

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